Produced, Written, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered By Meka Jackson

VIDEO Directed By Johnny B & Meka Jackson #KoreanKaiserMedia


I come in peace, you leaving in pieces
I come in peace, you leaving in pieces
I come in peace, you leaving in pieces
Shitting on you niggaz, you leaving in faeces

(Verse 1)

No introduction, I bez the martian,
Marching with lyrical venom in my arsenal,
Its a miracle, verbal with my arson,
Caution I spit fire burn (burn)
In the McLaren never karyn like parson,
Bars in MTV daly carson,
Sick with it, sars bars
Ch-ch-ch-ch- chocolate, mars bars (leggo)
Rude boy with the team ima savage,
Chicks say im mean, but no i aint average
Ugh, irregular with the vernacular
Yeah money talks but i speak body language (You are high)
And your girl eyeing me she thinks im spectacular,
Or she want that pretty ricky in the caviar,
I done told ya, Ive got that rick james, rick hatton,
Leave you you’ing like soulja


Im the Atlien——- Million martians marching
Lyrical gymnastics——Flow flips on you bastards
No gimmick—— Galaxical cell sick flow (Anaemic)
Barfing after eating rappers sick (Bolemic)

I bez the martian (x 3)
Im the mawfuckin martian

(Verse 2)

Flows over-bearing, call me bipolar
Flows the you hearing got you lost in my solar,
Let it cliq, motorola, cus if i aint got the plaque,
then you lying through your teeth, cavity in your molar,
Dirty mouth clean it up, rap circles orbitz,
Niggaz aint down to ride, rap urkels norbitz,
Undeniable.Fly.Object in my spaceship,
Cruising like tom, this is myspace bitch,
(The planet is yours) you heard the captain,
I spit a universe, everytime you hear me rapping,
Prison bars, spit throught the wire on the mic,
Like a bike these niggaz two tired on the mic,
In the laboratory, spit crack, heart attack, lyrical cardiac……..

I see a hater, I think i see a hater,
point him out, point him out, point him out, point him out,
Middle finger to the hater, trigger finger to the hater,
Deuces Muthafucka, Hater see you later

In the laboratory, spit crack heart attack,
lyrical cardiac, im the shit and the lavar-tory
Re-read between the punchlines, its self explanatory
Gotta succ(seed) in history, so time to plant a story,
Talent outta this planet, im self ex-planetory,
and in case you missed it, im amazing




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